Problem/Challenge: CSIO working groups and webinars lacked dedicated landing pages. We were simply linking directly to GoToWebinar registration pages, which wasn't an ideal user experience or necessarily the best for conversions, i.e., sign-ups.
Solution/Train of thought: creating a dedicated landing page for each working group/webinar would allow us to have more control over the content and layout of registration forms. Incorporating the UX principle of “social proof” through testimonials would also encourage more sign-ups.
Process: I designed the landing pages using HTML/CSS and the Joomla CMS. They went through a few iterations as I gathered feedback from management. I worked with a developer on the team to connect the landing page registration forms to the GoToWebinar backend.
Results: after publishing these landing pages and promoting the working groups/webinars using them, registrations increased significantly, e.g., the 8/3/2016 webinar received 209 registrations (highest for a CSIO webinar to date) and the 10/5/2016 webinar received 102 registrations.
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