Problem/Challenge: Many insurance brokerages in the Canadian property & casualty (P&C) industry need to improve their digital products and overall online presence in order to compete effectively with the generally more tech-savvy direct writers.
Goals: Analyzing some of these insurance brokerage websites and providing the brokers with clear and well-researched usability/heuristic evaluations would likely be helpful to them in improving their sites. E.g., these reports could be provided to a brokerage's web development team, and potentially used as the basis for generating the requirements for a redesign project.
Research & Process: These heuristic evaluations were created for brokers throughout early-mid 2017. In writing the reports, I applied established usability principles and tools, including Jakob Nielsen's heuristics and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to conduct neutral assessments of various brokerage websites. Each brokerage website was analyzed thoroughly and in detail by navigating through each webpage one-by-one and identifying various usability, accessibility and UX issues. Both desktop and mobile experiences were analyzed for each website.
Results: These reports were delivered to insurance brokers in mid 2017 and received appreciatively.
Selected pages of these reports have been included below (without revealing the names or any identifying information of the specific brokerages).
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