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Problem/Challenge: brokers in the Canadian P&C insurance industry lacked a way to quantitatively benchmark themselves against their peers/competitors with regard to technology adoption.
Solution/Train of thought: the solution was to create an online “Tech Scorecard” tool that allows brokers to select the technologies they're currently adopting, then select their province, and press “Calculate” to see their Technology Score vs. the Provincial Brokerage Average. As all entries were being captured in a database, this would also enable us to identify brokerages scoring 100% and publicly congratulate them as Technology Leaders.
Process: I built a responsive/interactive wireframe using Axure to convey the concept for the online tool to a developer on the team and worked with him to iteratively build it. An extensive data collection and competitive analysis process was followed over the course of many months to gather accurate data on the technology adoption of 2,000+ brokerages. I organized this data in Excel spreadsheets and worked with the developer to implement the data in the online tool.
Results: Tech Scorecard received 1,500+ pageviews in first few months after launch, received positive press coverage from multiple industry media outlets and received positive feedback from members.

One year after launching the scorecard,
brokerage adoption of nine key technologies (eDocs, eSignatures, etc.) had risen by 12% across Canada, to a new high of 69%. The technology solutions with the highest adoption increases were mobile-optimized websites, which increased from 39% in 2015 to 53% in 2016, and eDocs, which increased from 52% in 2015 to 70% in 2016.
Testimonials: “Congratulations to CSIO for putting out a simple yet very effective comparative scorecard for broker's use of technology that will allow [them] to compare themselves against their provincial brokerages. A great way for brokers to challenge themselves to be constantly taking advantage of the tools that are available 'today'!” - Software provider member
"Great high-level tech scorecard tool! Easy to use & nice that it has provincial adoption rates as well." - IT consulting firm
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