Problem/Challenge: after launching the redesigned desktop site in 2012, we knew that we had to develop a separate mobile website because we weren't yet ready to transition to a responsive design, but wanted to accommodate mobile users.
Solution/Train of thought: I used the personas and interviews conducted for the desktop website redesign to inform the separate mobile solution, making slight amendments to the content and navigation based on what CSIO mobile users would most likely be looking for. The separate mobile site would link into the API of the desktop CMS to fetch content pages from the desktop site and display them nicely on mobile.
Process: I used Axure to develop the clickable prototype and worked with a remote development team based in Ukraine, supplying them with all necessary documentation to implement the mobile site. User testing was conducted using the website to identify areas to improve usability; these results were communicated to the developers in video format.
Results: a steady increase in traffic and decrease in bounce rate after launching separate mobile site in Q1 2014: 500+% increase in sessions and users, 800+% increase in pageviews, 45% increase in avg. session duration, 18% decrease in bounce rate compared to pre-mobile website period. The mobile website was phased out in Q4 2016, in favour of a responsive design.
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