Problem/Challenge: we wanted to increase adoption of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and mobile-optimized websites in the Canadian P&C insurance industry. Industry adoption for both of these technology solutions was fairly low in 2014.
Solution/Train of thought: I came up with the idea to do a research project investigating current adoption levels of TLS and mobile websites in the industry, and visualize that data in map form, showing the numbers for each Canadian province.
Process: I worked closely with a developer on the team to collect this tech adoption information: for identifying TLS adoption, we used and did batch email uploads. For identifying mobile website adoption, we used Google's Mobile-Friendly Test tool. After collecting this information on 2,000+ member brokerages, we crunched the numbers for each province and used Tableau to clearly visualize the data in map form.
Results: the maps created a friendly sense of competition among brokers because, e.g., brokers in certain provinces could see that other provinces were doing better and wanted to catch up if they hadn't yet adopted these technologies. By 2017, nearly all brokerages nationally had implemented TLS (86%) and many brokerages had built a mobile-optimized website (53%, compared to just 39% in 2015).
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