Problem/Challenge: going to used bookstores and trying to resell my books often wouldn't work (would be turned away if books weren't in mint condition, usually). Creating an app that allows for location-based print book swapping would put books to better use than just letting them sit on my bookshelf after reading them.
Solution/Train of thought: capitalizing on the swiping UI design style popularized by apps such as Tinder, I designed the main Bookup interface to enable the simplest and easiest interaction – you are immediately presented with a book in your area, and if you want it, press Want, and a notification will go to the owner of that book. Don't want it? Press Pass, and the next book option will appear. The design rationale of light, brownish, earthy tones is a nod to the medium of print itself. The brownish, earthy texture of an old print book is acknowledged in this design, while still retaining a sleek and modern look. The Bookup App is ultimately about strengthening print culture in the digital age.
Process: based on research and interviews with potential users, I created the Shawn Persona to represent an archetypal user of the Bookup App. Also based on this research, I gathered requirements for a version 1 of the app and developed interactive wireframes using Axure. I tested the wireframes with potential users and made UX/UI adjustments based on test data. I designed the UI using Photoshop and Sketch. I worked with an iOS Developer and helped him prioritize features, manage bugs, etc. to build the app. Finally, we tested version 1 of the app with an external group of testers and corrected identified bugs before submitting the app to Apple.
Results: published on the App Store in June 2016, with a consistently growing user base (mainly in Toronto, Canada at time of this writing).
Apple Watch version is only in concept stage (not yet implemented).
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