Axure wireframe
Problem/Challenge: CSIO had many educational resources spread out amongst the website, but no single repository or “one-stop shop” to clearly organize all resources together.
Solution/Train of thought: an “Education Hub” tool that brings all resource types together, including articles, infographics, webinars and videos, would be a solution to the issue of having all resources spread out on different website pages.
Process: I used Axure to build a clickable prototype of what the tool would look like, and showed that to a developer on the team, who then built the tool. We went through a few iterations and I provided regular feedback to the developer on how to structure the information. I used Adobe Illustrator to design the icons for the tool, which follow the CSIO colour scheme/branding.
Results: traffic to the Education Hub has been steadily increasing since launching the tool; it has become a valued member resource.
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